Thursday, May 6, 2010


There were more fine performances from 11 Striders in the extremely demanding (and bloomin’ hilly)eulada race in the 2010 Circuit a Peu de Marina Alta. As always, superfast Tom was first home for the Striders in a relatively slow time for him of 47:05, but then he had run from home before the race. He was closely followed by Jeff (47:43), who Tom had nursed round and then Paul (Elliot) (55:36). Next were Jim (56:38) and Stretch (56:39), followed by Don (1:01:42), John (1:04:38), Sole (1:10:02), Des (1:10:01), Roger (1:13:35) and Denise (1:13:38).

More cups were added to the already bulging Striders' trophy cabinet after the race, as Jeff won the Vets C category, Sole was the winner of the Local Vets C category and honorary Strider Margaret Finch was second in the Vets C race in a time of 1:03:02.


According to the old adage, it's an ill wind that blows nobody good, but that couldn't be further from the truth in Marc Jacques' case. Liverpudlian Marc and his family were due to return to the UK a couple of days before the Teulada race, but, because their flight had been cancelled due to the volcanic ash blown across Europe from Iceland, he was able to run in the race. Not only did he run it, he managed 18th place (out of 900 starters) and was runner-up in the Vets A category in a first-class time of 42:14.

The overall winner of the 11 kilometre race, run in really warm conditions, was Vicent Mas Leyda, of C A Dianium, in a scorching 37:43. Juan Antonio Fernandez Cantos (38:49), running for C A Benidorm and Sergi Soler Ginestar (38:59) of C A Ondara were second and third respectively. C A Dianium's Maxine McKinnon (44:12) was once again first home in the ladies section, followed by Patricia Lopez Vicedo (48:05) of C A Xeresa in second and Ana Alberola Puigcerver (48:50) in third.

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