Thursday, March 26, 2009


This is the new blog for runners in and around Moraira. Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

Anyway, see you all on Saturday,



  1. Hi all,

    inscriptions are now open on someseport for the series.

    See you in Javea.


  2. Entry price has tripled to €18 for the races.

  3. All the training paid off, I managed a PB in the Denia half marathon on Sunday. I finished in 1:33:58.

  4. Well done Jeff, great time and unless I am mistaken, you beat the Belgian guy who beat you in last years Marina Alta series, so it looks good for this years series!

  5. You are quite correct Colin, I beat him by about two minutes. He went off like the clappers and I thought that he had perhaps started a bit too fast. I went past him with around six or seven km to go, so he probably still has the edge on me over the shorter distances.
    I have written an article for both CBN and Euro Weekly News, which,hopefully they will use. The article is principally about 48-year-young Maxine McKinnon, who posted an incredible 1:21:58. She said that she plans to have a go at the over 50's marathon world record next year.
    I also mentioned the CB Striders in it. The Dutch lady (Lineke) who has run with CBS recently won the Vets B category, by the way.

  6. Well done Jeff, I could only manage your time when I was 25 years younger than you. Keep taking those little blue pills!